Who are we?

We're a group of young and enthusiastic Science communicators, who seek to bring Science to everyone. We do shows and lectures in festivals, conferences, schools, colleges, universities, homes for the elderly and just about any other place you can think of and invite us to. We're still waiting for that invitation from the International Space Station. Some of us show on the stage, some of us write in newspapers and others make apparances on the radio and TV. 

Why do we do that?

We're Young. We're Enthusiastic. We're Scientists (except for one engineer, but we like him anyway). Do we really need any other reason?
But besides all that, we all believe that Science is the one field that can move Israel forward, and even more importantly - it's FUN. Everyone should know some Science, and the more you know, the more you marvel at the universe, and want to do some of that nifty Science stuff yourself. 
But besides that, it's just fun. We blow rockets on stage, tell true but amazing stories about experiments of genetic engineering in human beings, do 'magical' physics experiments and give colorful presentations about our own fields of research in the labs. 
Don't get us wrong - we're pretty serious people. We all have an MSc, PhD, or in the process of doing one. But we also believe that people want to hear about Science in an interesting way, and that's what we're here for.

Why should YOU invite US?

If you'll call us, we'll come. It's that simple. 
But why should you want us to show up at your place?
For your ease of browsing, we've put together a few reasons:
1. If you want to hear about some of the amazing types of research going on right now in the labs, firsthand - just call us.
2. If you want to know why people become scientists, and why scientists are still people - just call us.
3. If you want to hear about scientific controversies and scientific history - just call us.
4. If you want a great show with fun, laughter and amazement - just call us.
5. If you want a scientific opinion on any matter, from scientists who have some experience dealing with the media - just call us.
6. If you're a teacher who wants to make a science evening / day that your students won't ever forget - you know the drill - just call us!

How to reach us

Simply make contact with our contact-man:

Roey Tzezana - 0508-242009, [email protected] (activities in the Center and North)

A Brief History

Most of us met each other for the first time at the FameLab competition in Israel, in which they competed against each other by giving short lectures on various scientific subjects. The competition, organized and funded by the British Council, is being held in many European countries in the last couple of years, and has a tremendous value in encouraging scientists to become acquainted with the media and converse with the wide public. 
So: Thanks alot to the British Council, because of which we all met and formed the team!
A link to the FameLab Israel page